Thought of the day

On Tuesday we talked about not missing steps. As a high performer and motivated person this can be the hardest thing.  You have goals and start with the end in mind. Now it’s easy to see where you want to go. But way does reaching it feel so far away sometimes?  It can be because you are so focused on the ideal that it blinds you to the path you are on now. By looking at the ideal and having it as your sole focus you will not get to enjoy the changes or see the progress you have made. You are making progress each day by doing the little things right. Open your eyes to the one percent improvements.

I remember years ago going to the CrossFit gymnastics specialty course. To this day it is one of my favourite courses I have done. After the gymnastics weekend we had test #3  programmed (Tabata squats then four minutes for max muscle ups).  On this workout your score is your lowest number of squats, in any interval, times your number of muscle ups. I was excited after finishing a good number of squats and pacing out the tabata perfectly. Then I got on the rings, at the time two to three kipping muscle ups was no problem, and had no pull. For four minutes I flayed helplessly on the rings. When the four minute timer was done my total number of Muscle ups and overall score was a big fat zero.


In isolation this is a big defeat. How could I get worse at muscle ups after all the hard practice? During the gymnastics course, was the first time I ever worked on strict muscle ups. Even though I failed test three that day, a few weeks later I got my first ever strict muscle up.

In some moments it will look like you are stalled, moving backward, or off course. But if you do the little things right, and are able to focus on your progress over the ideal you can get to where you want to go. Skipping steps my get you a passable movement but being open to one percent improvements and doing things the right way will get you to mastery. You are a very driven and motivate person. Be open to you little progressions along the way and have fun from point a to point z.

1 mile run

On Thursday we have a cardio day for you. Three rounds of one mile run and four minute rest between attempts. This may not be the sexiest workout but it is important to get the work done. Even on the less sexy days. OG and Hard rock have some fun stuff planned for your warm ups and cool downs. Do not miss an opportunity for a workout on a beautiful day. We look forward to seeing you


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3 rnds

1 mile run

4 minute rest

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