“Stay away from the pain cave,” was my coaching to our athletes for this week’s CrossFit Open WOD 20.2.  Too bad I didn’t take my own advice!

Thanks to Sprite and everyone who arrived early to assist with set up for week 2 of the Open.

Most of our heats were fully booked up today.  The energy remained strong as we tackled this 20 minute monster.

Last week the goal was to suffer for the full 15 minutes, this week athletes were better served by a modicum of pacing.

We once again saw some great performances.  Most Empower athletes did a fantastic job of pacing themselves and more RX’d this event than expected.

Recovered from his cold, The Touch led the day with a whopping 580 reps relegating Hard Rock to second place with an impressive 510.

My goal was 14 rounds with a one round per 90 second pacing strategy.  Unfortunately, I put myself in the lane next to The Touch and completed round one in a minute right next to him and felt pretty good.  I know better but my theme music was playing and the voice in my head said “You can do it, you are a magical mystery cat!”  Wrong.  I came out too hot, paid the price and suffered for it in later rounds falling a bit short of my goal.

My only consolation was that I did eke out a victory over the secretly evil Silk, dishing out her long-overdue punishment.  To those wondering why I did a lap around the block despite winning the challenge, please note that I did not get all made up as a mystery cat to NOT humiliate myself in public!

It was great to see more community members getting into the spirit of issuing challenges.  Make sure you get full credit for your effort.  Please check with your Communications Officers to get familiar with the challenge criteria so you can earn points for your team.

Great job Intramural teams, you brought more fantastic energy to week two!  This week we saw some princesses and royal crowns joining the super heroes and cowboys in the crowd.  As the weeks wear on it does get harder to keep up the same energy.  Not to give anything away but, the week five team challenge might have something to do with evaluating how well your team sustained the community spirit and fun energy throughout the 5-week competition.

Thanks to Smash for serving as this week’s grill captain.  It’s a demanding job and we really appreciate members taking on the task.

A big thanks to everyone who helped serve as judges, we appreciate your help and support!

Thanks everyone for all the great food on our potluck table.

Thanks to Empower members, friends and family who came out to cheer us on.

And again, thank you everyone who stayed behind to help clean up after the event.  It is a big task.

Now make sure you log your scores ASAP before you forget.  Rest, recover, we’ll do it all again in one week’s time with Open WOD 20.3!