August, September & October have been heady months.  To a back drop of beautiful Vancouver weather our little Dunbar Street CrossFit community has been racking up a bevy of Personal Bests.  We have so many athletes on a hot streak right now, it is very exciting!

Life is good when everything is going our way!

Trouble is it won’t always be this way.  A plateau is inevitable.  Hate to rain on the parade but for peaking athletes a little mental prep is a good thing because too many athletes get derailed when their string of Personal Bests hits a rough patch and they mistakenly believe that the ride is over.

Progress is never linear.  When you have trained long enough you will get used to the cycles.  There will be up months and down months.  Months when you dominate the personal best board and months when try as you might, you cannot get your name up there.

Experienced athletes have developed the mental and emotional fortitude to persevere through the down times confident that more break through performances await them on the other side.

By all means enjoy your victories as they come but when they stop don’t let yourself get discouraged, mentally buckle down and grind through the tough times until you hit your next peak.