Since opening our doors on Dunbar Street it feels like we have been approached by every salesperson in Vancouver and many from beyond.  Everyone has something to sell.  The ones that really get me are the so called “nutritional” products.

Strange Franken-Foods promoted as health & performance elixirs.  Look at the labels and most of the ingredients are synthetic and sugar usually appears in a myriad of forms.  They turn out to be essentially bars or bottles of high-priced liquid sugar.  I’d feel safer eating a candy bar.

And athletes are eating these?
Apparently so.  The NSCA had no qualms about including free Muscle Milk samples at their conference and listing the company as one of their sponsors.  When Muscle Milk dropped off their liquid diabetes-in-a-bottle for us to sample in 2013 I threw all six samples in the garbage where they would do the least harm (sorry environment).

When the sales reps get pushy I point out that they are selling crap to which their reply is often: “But the CrossFit down the street makes a good monthly income selling our product.”
As if that makes it OK.

My response is: “Well, I actually like the people I coach and want them to be healthy.”

Has it really come to the point where a coach will sell any product to his or her clients in order to make a buck?

Or maybe they just don’t know any better.  But they should.  After all, people are paying them to get fit.

Bottom line, if I wouldn’t use it myself or feed it to a loved one I will not sell it.

Real food, people.  You can get the nutrients you need from real food.