What brought you to CrossFit?
I have always considered myself fairly active and thoroughly enjoy working out. In addition to going to the gym during the week Iron Man and I would faithfully attend weekend circuit classes, coming home feeling tired and sore but with a great feeling of having worked hard. Problem is we would come home to both boys having been on electronics on the couch that whole time and they were absolutely squirrelly with natural energy that never got spent. Wouldn’t it be awesome for them to experience the same great feeling we got from working out AND do it as a family?? I had always heard that CrossFit had a great community environment and thought if we could all be involved it it together it would be fabulous. It just made sense to me that at ages 10 and 12 it would be ideal to bring them in. When I met with Corey he welcomed us all with open arms and when we also heard the majority of clients were north of 40 like us, we were sold.

What was your first impression?  How has it changed?
My first impression was that it was going to be pretty easy, ha!! I have never been so challenged physically in my life and I love it!! I’m an analytical person and am finding so many parallels between the different challenges in CrossFit and life itself. We have a tendency as humans to avoid things that are difficult or that we aren’t good at. I find myself showing up and trying to do things I don’t like because hey, I’m likely not going to get worse at it!

What was your first bright spot (win/positive experience)?
My first bright spot was getting my first double under!! Never thought that was going to happen 🙂

What are you working on now?
I’m working on everything. Specifically a strict unassisted pull-up and I would like to make friends with wall balls:)

What’s your favourite Empower memory so far?
My favourite memory so far is seeing my boys participate in the CrossFit Open competition, giving it their all, finishing with smiles on their faces, hearing this wonderful community of people cheering them on . And I knew in that moment they were so proud (and just maybe they have caught “the bug”)

Thanks Pepper.  Thrilled to have you and the boys on the Empower team.  Keep up the great work!