Today’s Empower Experience is brought to us by Glamour who joined the gym last Fall. It was a dark October night in 2020 when she walked by the gym with her pal, Rockstar.

They peeked in during an Open Gym and we chatted briefly.  They decided they’d come back to set a time for an Intro session. True to their word, Glamour returned a few days later but I was coaching a class and couldn’t talk.  She came by another day and this time we managed to convey phone numbers, and after a few text messages, hatched a phone call and set a training plan in motion.  There was dedication from the start! It may have taken a couple of weeks to get going but once started, there was no turning back. At our first session, Glamour made it clear she hated running and would not be doing much of it.  However, a few weeks into her gym membership, we went into another pandemic lockdown at which time Glamour joined us faithfully via Zoom until March 2021 when she came back to the gym in person. At home, on Zoom, she did a lot of 400 m run substitutes around her apartment.  Read on to find out how that paid off.  Where there is a will there is truly a way. 

What brought you to CrossFit?

I live in the area, and used to always walk across from the gym. I was intrigued by it, but the impression I had about CrossFit was that it was for REALLY fit people.

I had never found a gym that I was truly inspired by. I have always been an active person but when COVID hit, working out alone and in my living room felt like a chore. I tried many different online workouts, but my motivation to continue was low.

One day, Rockstar and I were going for a walk, and we were talking about wanting to establish a workout schedule together during COVID. We had been workout buddies before the pandemic. On a whim, we decided to pop into CrossFit Empower and inquired about the program. Best decision ever! It is one thing that I am very grateful for from the pandemic.  I also convinced my partner, Glory to join as well!

What was your first impression?  How has it changed?

My first impression was that it was a jungle gym for adults 🙂

The sense of community is unique; everyone is so encouraging and welcoming. It creates a safe environment to work out in, sans judgement.

I loved that everyone who joins must complete the 10 intro/PT sessions! It was not only helpful to establish a strong relationship with Shades (who coached us) but I felt like I had the dedicated one-on-one time to work on my form. I look forward to reading the gym’s blog posts everyday as there is always a wonderful life message to reflect on.

Aside from feeling tired, I leave every CrossFit class feeling motivated for the next and with a deep sense of accomplishment!

What was your first bright spot (win/positive experience)?

I was never a comfortable runner before CrossFit. In fact, running was daunting for me. However, that is no longer my situation as my CrossFit workouts have increased my strength and endurance both physically and mentally! I am working on not being so hard on myself and approaching my training not as a way to reach a final stop, but rather I am appreciating my fitness journey instead.

What are you working on now?

Snatches! They are challenging, but I had a GREAT lunch time session with Corey who really helped in breaking it down and explaining the movement in relation to the 10 general physical skills.

What’s your favourite Empower memory so far?

I have so many! Getting a gym name and the CrossFit Empower COVID Games 2021 are two that stand-out!

We really appreciate you sharing your story Glamour.  Nice work embracing running and the life journey that is our health and fitness.  We love having you, Glory and Rockstar in the gym.  Thanks so much for leading the way star!