Current rates of COVID-19 in the Vancouver populace are very low.  Though we do expect this to increase with the relaxing of safety measures in coming weeks, the likelihood that one of our Empower members tests positive for COVID-19 at the current moment is exceedingly low (according to numbers offered by Mr. Fantastic it could be lower than a 0.00067% chance).  Based on this Coastal Health officials and our Empower medical professionals agree that it is appropriate to resume in-gym classes provided strict safety precautions are followed.  As such, we plan to reopen our doors to modified class sizes starting Monday May 25th.

Fierce is currently making sure the gym is clean and ready and that we have all the necessary cleaning supplies in place to minimize risk of transmission.  It should be noted that however stringent our safety measures, IF a member of the group class you train with is unknowingly positive for COVID-19, your risk of exposure becomes very high even if you work out on the opposite side of the gym from them and do not touch any equipment that they have been in contact with.  With this in mind, we ask that if you are at all concerned about transmission that you continue to train with us via Zoom or Outdoor WODS.  In-gym group class attendees participate at their own risk.

Based on the guidance of our medical professionals, here are some of the policies and procedures we’ll be implementing to increase your safety:

1. Everyone is welcome to join us via Zoom but please refrain from attending in-gym classes if:
A. You or someone in your household has exhibited any of the following symptoms in the past 24 hours:  fever, cough, shortness of breath, chills
B. You have travelled outside of Canada in the past 14 days
C. You have been in contact with a sick person in the past 14 days
D.  You have a confirmed diagnosis of COVID-19 or are awaiting test results

2. In order to maintain safe appropriate distance all in-gym classes will be limited to 6 attendees; all waitlisted members may join us via Zoom to WOD along with us from home (thanks Peril & Whisper for this great idea!).

3. Please use the hand sanitizer at the door upon entering and exiting the gym.

4. All group classes must be separated by at least 1-hour meaning we cannot run back-to-back classes in the gym.  This means we cannot run in-gym classes for the 5am and 6am groups on the same days.

5. All attendees must go immediately to their individual work space and remain there for the duration of the workout.  Access to some equipment will be necessarily limited and the coaches cannot guarantee you will be able to complete the workout exactly as prescribed.  Please restrict your contact to your station and the equipment at your station.

6. Please do not congregate before or after class.  Please do not use shower, change room and cubbies.
Please arrive in your workout attire and keep your belongings with you at your work station.

7. Please bring your own water bottle, tape and chalk (tape & chalk available for purchase for $5 each) at your work out station.

8. Washrooms are for emergency use.  As much as humanly possible, please try to take care of your business at home before or after the workout.  We understand that this will not always be possible.

9. Please spray and clean your equipment and workout area before and after use.

10. Because in-class space is severely restricted we will extend the cancellation window to 8 hours out of fairness to waitlisted members.  If you do not attend a class for which you registered (for example, if you or someone in your household begin to exhibit symptoms of illness) there will be no burpee penalty but we will request that you do not attend in-gym classes for the next 14 days or until you and your family are 14-days symptom-free.  You are welcome to continue attending via Zoom.

11.  Members attending in-gym classes will be required to return borrowed equipment in advance for cleaning.  Wherever possible we will try to allow our Zoom WODers to hang on to equipment.  Equipment drop-off time is 7:15am Tuesday May 19th through Friday May 22nd.

12. The double doors and sliding window will remain open throughout the workout to improve air circulation, please dress accordingly.

13. In-gym class access will be reserved for Empower members currently under contract.  Zoom WODs and outdoor WODs are still open to month-to-month members and drop-ins.

14. Access to in-gym group classes is dependent upon your ability to follow the above guidelines.   We will email you a copy of our policies and procedures and acknowledgement of risk form.  Please sign and initial it and bring it with you when you attend your first in-gym class.

We want to thank Pepper, Hard Rock, Whisper, BFG, Dr. T, Mr. Fantastic and Bruiser all of whom contributed greatly to our planning process and continue to advise us on best practices during these challenging times.

Simultaneously coaching in-gym members and Zoom WOD attendees presents a significant challenge (camera angle, sound, etc) and splits the coach’s attention.  We expect the first few classes to be a bit clumsy and ask that you be patient with our coaches as we adapt to these new challenges.  To make it easier on our coaches and to help the class run smoothly for your classmates, we ask that you take the following steps:
1. Arrive in-person or on Zoom 5-minutes in advance of the scheduled class time and prepare your equipment before the start of class
2. Review the WOD and demo video in advance on our website in order to know what equipment you will require and to familiarize yourself with the movements.  We will provide hyperlinks to demo videos for any movements you are expected to know before class.

Our calendar will have both ZWOD (blue) and in-gym (orange) sign up options.  If you do not wish to attend the in-gym offering, please register only in the ZWOD option.  If you are waitlisted for the in-gym class you may also attend the ZWOD option.  The link to the ZWOD will no longer be mailed out, it will be provided in the online calendar and it doesn’t change from day to day (the 6am Monday link will get you into all the weekday 6am classes).

We are currently working on our proposed schedule in order to offer a mix of in-gym, outdoor and Zoom WOD options.  We may adjust the schedule as demand dictates when we get a better idea of your schedule preferences, though we cannot accommodate all request, your feedback really helps.  Thank you for bearing with us as we make the necessary adjustments to our new reality!

Monday WOD: Run + Cindy
Equipment: pull up station or pull up alternative, running route or running alternative

Warm Up
2 Rounds:
1 min OS Push Up
1 min OS full Body Rock
1 min skipping or running in place
1 min Ring Rows or equivalent

Run or alternative
Pull up or alternative

3 Rounds:
800m Run
5 Rounds of Cindy (5 pull ups, 10 push ups, 15 squats)
time cap in effect

Cool Down
Calf stretch
Lat Stretch
Quad Stretch
Samson Stretch