As covid cases in the province continue to drop we’ve once again been consulting with our medical pros.  A lot of uncertainty remains but one thing all agree upon is that we can do away with the 15 mins between classes.

Of course we want to get back to bigger class sizes but there is still reason to hesitate on that before we pull the trigger.  This useful article courtesy of Hard Rock explains better than I can but here’s a brief, imperfect, lay person’s summary of COVID transmission pathways:

1) Aerosol – very dangerous as it hangs in the air a long time in small particles.  There is some evidence of cases of COVID transmission this way but they are exceedingly few.  Between the low incidence of covid in our population and the rarity of aerosol transmission we can safely do away with the 15 minute break between classes.

2) Surface Contact Transmission – COVID can survive on surfaces but in low doses so this is not a primary transmission pathway.  Washing your hands and equipment greatly reduces risk of contact transmission.  Keep doing this!

3) Droplet Transmission – this is the primary transmission pathway for covid carried in large droplets when you sneeze, cough or breathe heavily (like when exercising) and droplets can travel up to 6 feet which is why the 6 foot protocol is in place.  Chances of an Empower member being infected are low but chances of their droplets reaching you if you work out too closely together is high which is why we must still limit class sizes and face away from one another during wods.  Most cases in the province are happening in small enclosed spaces like nail parlours and bars.  A gym is another likely scenario.  Not everyone appreciates our caution but I assure you it is certainly not for our good but to safeguard your health.  It is important we do the right – not the popular – thing.  I would rather lose a little money than put our members at risk!

So what does this mean for us going forward?

1) Starting next Monday July 20th we will eliminate the 15 minute period between classes on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays meaning my 6:15am class will return to 6am.  Our Open gym will move back to a 7:00am start and will extend to 8:30am.  We will also add back in the Saturday 9:00am Open gym.  The evening Open gym will begin at 6:00pm.  In August The Touch’s classes will also revert to the old schedule and Open gyms will return to Tuesday & Thursday mornings.  With the reduced break and the coaches cleaning less it becomes more important that you thoroughly clean your equipment and stations before and after use!

2) Starting next week the noon class will be scheduled Monday through Friday with hopes that we can keep the numbers up.

3) Starting next week Shades will also add a 4-4:45pm Athletics class to Friday’s schedule.

4) Starting next Saturday 2:00pm Sprite will be adding a special outdoor family event for members, stay tuned for details in an upcoming blog post!

5) We will continue to monitor the situation with an eye to increasing class sizes.  We will also be pricing out other solutions.  And if attendance remains high we will add a 6:00pm class Monday & Wednesday nights to alleviate over crowding at 5pm.

Thank you for bearing with us through all these challenges, we will keep you posted on other changes as teh situation continues to develop.

Saturday Make Up Day
1) Lunge-MU-Hang Squat Clean Triplet
2) Burpee & GHD
3) Shoulder Press-Push Press-Push Jerk 1-3-5
4) 40 mins SLIPS
5) Original Strength Reset #3