Okay, we probably won’t do this again but here’s what’s happened:

1) With attendance restrictions lifted our CrossFit Group Classes which have been mostly fully booked for the past year now have room for a few more members!
2) For 15 months we’ve only been allowed to offer CrossFit Beginners personal training but now small group training is also an option!
3) Our coaches’ schedules have been almost fully booked throughout 2021 but with travel restrictions lifted, many of our regular personal training clients are away on vacation through July and we find ourselves temporarily with a few extra hours a week!

So for this one time only, to keep us busy and out of trouble and to fill those recently expanded Group Classes we are offering the steepest training discount ever, the full 8x 1-hour CrossFit Beginner curriculum that is usually billed at $100 per hour for just $249 ($31.13/hour).

The catch:
1) We only have 6 spots available and 2 have been claimed already by friends of current Empower members
2) Registration closes Thursday July 8th
3) We won’t likely make this offer again

Here’s the critical details:

Class Limit: 6 participants
Registration Deadline: Thursday July 8th or when registration max is reached
Class Times: Monday – Thursday 7-8pm (July 12-15 and 19-22)
Price: $249 to the general public, $199 if referred by an Empower member
To Register: Contact [email protected] ASAP

We are very excited to be back into the swing of things!  Don’t miss your chance to get in on the best deal we have ever offered!

The Empower Team