June 6 2015

Slept in until 6am waking an hour before my alarm to sunlight.  Lovely. Got some work done ahead of my busy Saturday morning.  Breakfast then a sunny Vancouver morning walk to work.

A hot one today as the CrossFit group classes took on Burpees & Wall Balls.  Magnum destroyed it, crushing even The Touch’s solid score.  Impressive.  Congrats to others who took it on RX’d (most of them beating my score on this one): Dr. T, HeeHee, Makmama, Bruiser, Hard Rock & Mr. Fantastic.  Good job everyone!

Sadly despite expressed interest, no one came for Sunghee’s Yoga.  I finished up my day’s work then got ready for my WOD knowing it was going to be a long one.  Maybe more than an hour for me.

50 Pistols
25 Ring Dips
40 Pistols
20 Ring Dips
30 Pistols
15 Ring Dips
20 Pistols
10 Ring Dips
10 Pistols
5 Ring Dips

Pistols have long been my bane but I’ve been working on them and getting closer.  I set up a single white band for support.  Even this I find challenging.  The first set of 50 took me 18 minutes!  The ring dips were easy, I was done those in 33 seconds and did every round unbroken.

In the 2nd round of pistols my form got better and I even managed 10 consecutive (my previous best was 6).  My legs got very fatigued but I felt I was better balanced at the bottom and fell on my ass less than expected.  Probably the best & toughest pistol WOD I have ever completed.  And it only took 47:56!  Much better than I expected.  And my back didn’t complain at all (though my knees grumbled a bit).

I am very pleased with my performance on this WOD and feeling much more positive about my pistols.  It has been a good week for me!

After the 2pm class Special gave me a ride home.  I probably should have walked home along Dunbar to loosen up my legs but I was hot, hungry, busy & exhausted.  Got in and finished up my work, showered and then we were off to Big Boss’ for a BBQ.

Mellow & Taskmaster arrived a bit later.  we just ate & talked and I reclined tiredly in my chair, legs burning.  Didn’t photograph anything that we ate but it was all paleo-esque.  BBQ ribs, spicy sausage, Kikmchee mung bean pancakes, sweet potato chips, coconut pudding, etc.  Very high carb to be sure.  Just what I needed:)

As a bonus Big Boss gave me a few brand new CrossFit T-shirts that were too small for him.  Great shirts and just enough room for me to grow into as my own shirts continue to stretch tighter.

Headed home at 8pm all of us tired.  Sunghee slept right away.  I fell asleep minutes after her.  A very busy, exhausting week.  Thank God for tomorrow off!

Salmon, olive oil, balsamic & cucumber salad, berries & coconut milk, 2 prunes
Lunch #1
chicken burger & cucumber salad, berries & coconut milk

As above with coconut water