June 14 2015

Slept in until 6:50am just about 8 hours.  Feeling great.  Got up and threw in laundry.  Then loaded photos, edited video, wrote blog.

A relaxing morning.  No rush.  Just hanging out reading.  Very hungry too.

K-Pop’s Korean chicken, berries & coconut milk, 2 prunes, quinoa porridge with butter & coconut milk


Breakfast #2
Bulgogi, berries & coconut milk


I took Kaelin to swimming, ran a few errands then returned to pick up Sunghee.  We got Kaelin then stopped in to see Simon at DQ.  They got Dunbar specials, I just got a large chocolate dipped cone.

From there we headed to Acadia Beach where we hung out enjoying the gorgeous Vancouver weather for an hour.  Stopped by Pacific Spirit Park for a short walk.  Then to CrossFit where I sold our cable pulley machine to a gentleman from Delta.  The Touch & I rearranged equipment crating more usable space.

We stopped at IGA for groceries on the way home where we were met by another Craigslist buyer.  Made another sale then settled down to rest and eat.

K-Pop’s chicken, rice & cucumber salad, lettuce, berries & coconut milk.

Despite a healthy serving my body needed more.  We ordered a large pizza from Moki’s and shared it while watching The Conjuring on Netflix.  Despite having just eaten a full meal I wolfed down the pizza and still felt ravenous afterwards.


Berries, bananas & coconut milk

After the movie we all got ready for bed.  A busy working day for all 3 of us tomorrow.  I was very sleepy.