Ask any guy over 40, the hardest part is getting it up, after that it’s easy enough.  At least that’s what I found with the thruster ladder done with my Go Ruck stuffed with two large rocks.  It was awkward to hold and the rocks shifted a lot making the movement much more challenging than the equivalent weight would feel on a barbell or even a pair of dumbbells.  I only managed 6+ rounds not because I was fatigued but because it was getting dangerous with those rocks slipping around above my head.

For the ring row ladder I wrapped my pillow case around the playground bars.  The angle was not as steep as I would have had on rings making this much easier and allowing me to get many more rounds (20+) than I could have managed on rings but the grip fatigue caused by the pillow case was impressive.

The push press went better as I found a better way to hold the backpack but after round 11 I tapped out not because my push press was tired but because it was getting very challenging to take the bag from ground to the rack position at the start of each new round.

Park Triple Ladder
Ring row station or alternative
Dumbbell(s). Barbell, backpack, rock or kettlebell(s)

Warm Up
1 min OS Push Ups
1 min OS Full Body Rock
1 min Goblet Squat
1 min Goblet Thrusters
1 min Goblet Push Press

Ring Rows
Push Press

Thruster Ladder
Ring Row Ladder
Push Press Ladder

Cool Down
Roll Shoulders forward/backward
Arm Raises
Shoulder Pass Throughs
Lat Stretch
Samson Stretch