What will you do today to help work off some of that Halloween candy? After holidays like Thanksgiving and Halloween sometimes we feel the reason to workout is about undoing a back slide in our eating. But what I will offer instead is, you are just one meal and workout away from being back on track.

Along this same Idea training should be fun (not all the time) but It is great to see what you are able to do and go past previous limitations. Don’t make it some sort of punishment, in your mind, for an undesirable behaviour.

For Tuesday’s make up day we have some great options from 2007 reloaded to hero Choi to skill practice. There are many great options for you to get a good workout in and move the ball forward.

If you get in that mind set after the holidays of punishing yourself remember you are always one meal and one workout from being back on track.





  1. 2007 Reloaded

1500m row


5 rnds

10 Bar MU

7 Push Jerks 145/235#


  1. Hand stand walk

100m Handstand walk


  1. Happy Star

Each round starts with a 200m run


Burpee overs

Thrusters 95/135# 105/145# 110/155# 115/155#


  1. Hero Choi

4 rounds

31 Burpees

10 Power cleans 135/185#

20 strict pull ups