Lucky for you tomorrow will be a strength day!  You will perform a set of five, two sets of three and three single reps of the power clean. Bring a coffee for your rest periods, and keep track of your weights lifted as well as the total volume you lift.

For those of you on zoom have an object to lift and questions about the clean ready. Even if you do not have a lot of weight you will still get a great opportunity to work on your technique. If you will be coming to the open gym, because it is a low intensity day you will get the opportunity to receive coaching if you would like to do this workout with us.  Come in prepared with your coffee and a plan for each of your working sets.


Thought of the day

On Saturday My daughter and I were in for some power cleans. It has always been fun making fitness a family affair. I even had my son do some wall balls for the first time this week. Seeing empower families, and couples workout together is a real bright spot for our community. With restrictions easing I am really excited for classes to comeback, sizes of classes to increase, and for kidsfit and other programs to return. On a beautiful day like today the future looks bright. We look forward to seeing you on zoom and in the open gym.


You have seven days left to order your apparel. As the order window will end Wednesday June 9th.

If you are interested please follow the link below:



QOD: What do you think is better a Hero, benchmark, or strength workout?

H:00 Warm up

3 minutes

10 OS Push ups

5 goblet squats

10 Russian Kbs

5 full body rocks


Clean Drops

H:10 Tech

Power Clean

Build weight

H:25 wod

Power Cleans


Lifting on the 3-5 minutes

H:50 Cool down

Hip swings

Wrist stretch

Hip Cross overs

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