Winter Fit started this week and already some participants have enjoyed great InBody scan results seeing notable body composition improvements since our Fall Challenge!  CFHQ even saw fit to program a ruck walk that matches our Winter Fit rucking route.  I’m looking forward to completing the WOD together on the 17th!

Monday in the gym we took on another CF Open style WOD.  9:15am really made my day.  Sam I Am seemed to inspire everyone during the warm up when, after 10 years of CrossFit she proved that you should never give up or count yourself out.  She looked as surprised as anyone as she effortlessly whipped out her first ever double under!  Still disbelieving, a few attempts later, she repeated the feat.  She went on to score several more during the workout.

And she wasn’t alone.  Steamy, obviously keen to match Sam I Am’s great performance, scored her first double under during the workout and got a second for good measure.  Lotus put herself on February’s Personal Best Board with 5 consecutive double unders and 5-0 who had dreaded Monday’s WOD and considered not coming on account of the double unders, scored a best with 6 consecutive double unders leaving Empower with a big smile.

Well done ladies and just in time for the Open! 

March 1st will be our first Friday Night Lights.  Today is your last chance to sign up on the clipboard in the gym to participate in Empower’s Intramural Team Competition.  There are many fun ways to score points for your Intramural Team.  You do not need to be registered for the Open to be part of the Intramurals and you do not need to be available to do the workout with your team Friday Nights either! 

We will be drawing teams in the Open Gym Saturday February 10th at 11am
Coaching Level Ups
Last weekend The Touch was in Austin Texas attending the CrossFit Health Summit which featured a great panel of medical professional guest speakers.

Meanwhile Motor and I spent 18 hours in the distant land of deepest, darkest Burquitlam attending the Barbell Rehab certification course.  And Monday between classes we both wrote and passed our certification exams.

The Barbell Rehab Methodology is a systematic, principle based approach informed and adapted to the best current understanding of sports rehab as supported and directed by the most recent research.  The course is designed and delivered by qualified expert therapists who work professionally in the sports rehab space helping elite and professional athletes navigate injury and remain at the top of their game.  This is a course based not only on theory but on clinical application.  It provides a practical template to help athletes go from injury to peak performance in a planned and measured progression no matter where they are starting from.  While the program trains practitioners to work with athletes from worst case scenarios such as post-surgery, its real intent is to help athletes recover without resorting to surgery at all!

We look forward to implementing everything we learned to help our Empower members avoid unnecessary injury and work through whatever issues come up so that you can continue training no matter what!
Friday Make Up Day

1) 20 min AMRAP
20 Double Russian KB Swings
10 Double KB Front Squats 
10 Alternating KB Shoulder Presses
50 ft KB Suitcase Carry R
50 ft KB Suitcase Carry L

2) 3 Mile Ruck

3) HeroWOD Erin
5 Rounds
15 DB Split Cleans
21 Pull Ups