Today’s WOD was 5 sets of 3 Snatches.  Where it was safe to do so we took the opportunity to work on the squat snatch.  It requires more mobility, balance, coordination and accuracy than the power snatch, all athletic attributes that we desire to develop through CrossFit training.
CrossFit Empower on Dunbar
Some days on Dunbar Street we do not put up the leaderboard.  This was one of those days.  The emphasis was on excellent movement mechanics not load lifted.  Nevertheless, this did not stop folks from hitting personal bests.  There were some great lifts completed and EVERYONE showed improvement from the start of the class to the finish.
CrossFit Empower Vancouver
More experienced lifters challenged themselves with bigger loads.  Less experienced athletes worked with light bars as they practiced their technique.  When they begin to move that bar more efficiently we will look to adding load.  Safety first!
CrossFit Squat Snatch
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