Time to get in the water.

Today’s WOD is 10x 100m Swim with a 1 minute rest in between rounds.

Not too many CrossFit gyms come equipped with a pool.  In Vancouver none of us have such luxury.  So for the group classes we will have to come up with an alternative but if you have access to a pool you can get this WOD done.

We are lucky here on Dunbar Street as we are only blocks away from Lord Byng pool which is my favourite spot to do swim WODs.

But why the swim?  2 reasons:

1) Effectiveness of Inefficiency
Movements that you become efficient at become less effective at producing positive physiological adaptations.  You need to mix it up and get outside your comfort zone if you want the best fitness results.  And many of us CrossFitters rarely swim.

2) Preparing for the Unknown & Unkowable
CrossFit is a broad generalized physical preparedness program designed to prepare you for anything life might throw your way.  Run away from danger?  Check.  Fight off an attacker?  Check.  Carry a loved one from a burning building?  Check.  Escape to shore from a capsized bout?

If you had to pause and think about that last one you want to remember that much of the Earth’s surface is covered with water.  Running could save your life, fighting could save your life, strength can save your life, and so can swimming.

We want you to be prepared for ANYTHING and EVERYTHING.

That is what CrossFit at its core is all about.  It is not about Oly lifting shoes and a technically perfect snatch, it is not about completing 20 consecutive pull ups unassisted.  These skills may translate into better fitness but unless you are a competitive CrossFitter they are only important to you to the extent that they make you better at life – outside the gym.

And even though we don’t have a pool in here at CrossFit Empower you can bet that there is a lot of water out there in the real world.  And some day you might need to get in it.   And being a capable swimmer might just save your life one day.

So don’t dismiss the swim WODs as fringe workouts.  Especially if you are a poor swimmer, get out there and embrace them.  You don’t need to set record times, just put in the practice and make yourself better.

Shore up your weaknesses, be excellent at life!