Classes & Workshops


Every Level

At Empower we specialize in adapting the program to your ability level and personal fitness goals. From beginner to advanced, we work with individuals at every fitness level from pro to first timer. Our members range from 9 to 89. The mileage doesn’t matter as long as you’re still young at heart! Empower is less a gym and more an adult-sized playground. Fall in love with moving again or for the first time.

Personal Training & Original Strength

Personal Training

Fast track your fitness results! Working with an Empower coach is your best way forward! Your coach will help you achieve the results you want with customized programming, nutrition and training advice, encouragement and accountability. Your Personal Training program is flexible, adapted to your schedule.

Original Strength

Do you have stubborn, old injuries? A weak core? Chronic aches, pains or tightness? Tired of dragging your broken and painful body around? Restore your nervous system, your balance, your strength and your mobility! No gym equipment required. The Original Strength System will re-establish a foundation of movement that will make any physical goal easier and more attainable and help improve mental acuity. This program is accessible to people of all levels; it has been adopted in Johns Hopkins Medical Centre for patients recovering from months of bed rest, and by professional sports teams like the Cincinnati Bengals and legendary strength coaches like Dan John to improve the performance of their athletes, patients and clients. Wherever your fitness is at, Original Strength will help take you to the next level!

Both Traditional Personal Training and Original Strength are available in person and via Zoom.

Zoom-Only Group Class Membership

Do you live outside Vancouver? Do you want to train from the safety and convenience of your home? Do you want to continue training while on the road for work or travelling on vacation? Join our in-gym CrossFit Group Classes from anywhere and train along with our in-gym group classes with the guidance of one of our Empower Coaches! We will post the workout details on our blog and Facebook page along with instructional videos and suggestions on how to modify workouts to fit your equipment access and fitness level so that you can come to class prepared. Some familiarity with CrossFit is recommended, if you are new to CrossFit we suggest starting with a few in-person or Zoom Personal Training sessions so we can go over core movements with you. Our Zoom subscription is charged per screen so any family, friends or neighbours who want to join you for a workout are welcome at no extra charge as long as they have completed the mandatory waivers and are sharing your screen with you.

and Junior Varsity Youth Programs

The Empower Youth programs are designed to help youth develop superior physical literacy!  Whether your child is just looking to build confidence with fitness, playing at the recreational level or an Elite athlete these programs will help them excel.

We can’t protect our Children from everything life throws their way. But we can train them to be strong, adaptable and resilient by helping them build the self confidence required to tackle life’s challenges. In our Varsity and Junior Varsity programs your child will develop the self-awareness, discipline, focus and perseverance that will help them overcome obstacles outside the gym.

We use age-appropriate skills, challenges, games and equipment to help them develop their kinesthetic skills. They will love our fun combination of callisthenics, running, rowing, jumping, climbing, throwing, carrying, pushing, pulling and lifting!

Groups are divided by grades: Junior Varsity (Grades 4-7) and Varsity (Grade 8 plus)

CrossFit Group Classes

Learn to love movement again! Reclaim the vitality of childhood as you join us in our adult-sized playground. We transform the chore of training into a fun, engaging, fulfilling game! Because this amazing, multidisciplinary approach to developing your peak athletic potential involves mastery of many technical skills CrossFit Group Classes are reserved for Empower members with previous CrossFit experience or members who have built a strong foundation by completing our Empower Beginner’s Curriculum.

CrossFit Group Class memberships include a Zoom class option so you have the flexibility of joining classes from home or from the road when you are away traveling.