No one should have to live in fear!

Thursday night as Sunghee, Kaelin & I sat watching a movie sirens blared outside our windows and we heard a struggle.  Looking out we saw 5 police cruisers had surrounded the house next to us and police on a megaphone were shouting out commands.  A struggling suspect was being cuffed and searched by police.

Kaelin was shaken.  “I thought we lived in a safe part of Vancouver, Dad.”

And we do.  Dunbar Street is well-policed.  But 2 years ago there was a rash of attacks on women in the neighbourhood.  Last year there was a murder.  And from time-to-time on my walks to work I have seen other houses surrounded by police cruisers.  Bad things can happen in good neighbourhoods.  CrossFit makes our bodies strong.  A little bit of training can arm your mind with everything you need to be safe.

The Touch is such a humble guy, very few people know that he is Vancouver’s most experienced Personal Defense Readiness coach.  He has coached other self defense instructors, krav maga instructors, martial arts instructors and CrossFitters.  He gets paid by 4th degree black belts to host seminars in the Fraser Valley.  This is because he has traveled to train with some of the best self defense specialists in the world including police, military and special ops trainers.

Self defense is his thing.  Self promotion is not.

In September The Touch will offer self defense classes at CrossFit Empower.  From September 15th to 30th they will be free to everyone so that you can try before you buy!

We are very lucky at CrossFit Empower for our very talented coaches even if they are rather understated about it.