June 28 2015

It has been a tough weekend schedule-wise.

Woke at 6am and hurried to get some work done before hobbling up Dunbar Street to work.  I kept the athletic tape on as it seems to support my ankle better.  Still limping though the pain somewhat less than yesterday.  Maybe a 5 out of 10 instead of a 7 out of 10 on the worst day.  The Vancouver mornings have been unreasonably humid and it is a hot trek to work.  Rather than work all day in a sweaty shirt, I took it off to walk.  At 4:30am it is no big deal as there is no one around to see me but walking to work at 7am I seemed to frighten some of the neighbours who took pains to avoid greeting the half naked man limping along the street on a poorly bandaged ankle.  Can’t say I blame them.  Dunbar has got its share of weirdos and I am now officially one of them.

Coached the group classes through the big chipper WOD.  Kudos to Dangers who completed RX’d!  Coached the barbell club  then Sunghee picked me up.  Made a quick change into respectable clothes but it was gross because I was so sweaty from being in the hot gym all morning.  Drove to Kaelin’s cadet end-of-year ceremony.  Starving, I wolfed some food as we sat in the parking lot then got in just in time for the ceremony.

Mostly the officers got awards but from amongst the non-officers I think Kaelin was the most decorated.  He got an attendance award, best new recruit award and a seamanship award.  As a parent, it was impossible not to feel very proud.  He has worked so hard it was great to see his efforts recognized.  And it is wonderful to see him excel at something that he loves.

The ceremony ran overtime but when we checked the schedule at 4:10pm no one had signed up for the 5pm group class so I relaxed a bit. The system is supposed to allow sign ups only up to 60 minutes before class.   Made conversation with some other cadet parents.

Famished.  Feeling like hunger is the theme of my weekend.  Foot aching from dress shoes.  Realized I would not have time to get my CrossFit WOD done today:(  Stopped by gym to collect my things and discovered Yeti had signed up at 4:25pm for group class and found the doors locked.  Will have to make it up to him.  Poor guy!

Sunghee exhausted so when we got home Kaelin & I ran to IGA for groceries then I threw in laundry then I finally ate.  Kaelin watched Big Hero 6 while I got work done on laptop, ate again and folded laundry.  Then bed time.  Oh so tired.  One more long day and then I get three days off in a row for the first time since last August!