Three rounds of thirty pull ups and a four hundred meter run. That will be your challenge for Thursday. This will be a great day to develop your pull ups. Please watch the video below and pick a pull up option that will challenge you.


I did this one early Sunday morning and to challenge myself I did all the pull ups as butterfly chest to bar and used the ski erg to make sure my shoulder where a little tired. Why the chest to bar? For two reasons: the extra range of motion leaves my shoulder feeling better and it holds me to a higher standard. I know in the past I would sneak my chin over on the last rep. Now when I am failing my chin is still well  over but my chest just did not touch. So I am just failing at a higher level (both literally and figuratively).

With this in mind I want you to challenge yourself on this workout. Can you try a lighter band, pull yourself higher, or work on holding bigger sets? Whichever you choose make sure your future self will thank you for it. We look forward to seeing you on zoom and in the open gym.



QOD:  which gymnastics movement do you think is most important?

Warm up

2 rnds (1 minute each)

Full body rocks

Hollow to superman roll

Bear crawl

Side plank (L,R)


Dynamic warm up


Pull- ups

Run  (30 burpees, 400m ski, 500m row, 600m airdyne, 800m echo )


3 rnds

30 pull ups

400m run

Cool down

Runners stretch

Calf drops

Shoulder circles

Grip stretch