This Saturday you will take on 5 sets of 3 push jerks. Start your set of 3 at around 70% of your 1RPM and gradually add weight.



If you are decent at landing under a barbell, the goal is to go heavy and build a max for the day. If not, you want to find a load that is challenging, but still manageable enough to practice landing under.




You need to rest 5 minutes between sets. If you don’t need that rest, it means you are not lifting heavy enough. We will be sharing barbells. Partner with someone with a similar relative strength if possible.



For those of you on zoom, you can replace each set of push jerks with 2 minutes of DB push jerks, followed by 3 minutes of rest.

See you all in group classes, on the zoom, or in the open gym.



Big Cat


Warm up

1 minute each

-Scapula rocks
-OS push-ups
-Cross-touch bird dog
-inch-worm with push-up
-Shoulder pass throughs
-Leopard crawl
-Judo push-up rock
-Full body rock
-DB shoulder press


Push jerk


Push Jerk 3-3-3-3-3


Cool Down