We are thrilled today to have some great news to share with you!  Today the Provincial Health Authority released it’s plan for the staged easing of Circuit Breaker restrictions.  All of this is of course dependent on COVID transmission rates continuing to decline.   But if all goes to plan, this is what it will look like for us at Empower:

Effective May 25th Masks Mandatory, Low Intensity Classes permitted
Effective June 15th Masks Mandatory, High Intensity Group Classes permitted at reduced capacity (7 stations)
Effective July 1st Masks Required, High Intensity Group Classes with increased capacity (??)
Effective September 4th Masks Optional, Return to pre-COVID capacity (12)

The easing of restrictions is dependent on all of us continuing to do our part to reduce transmissions province wide.  Business owners will have to wait for more specific industry guidelines regarding what the July 1st increased capacity looks like. 

The great news is that for Open Gym attendees wishing to be coached through low intensity workouts like Wednesday’s 3 rep Push Jerk, coaching will once again be available from warm up through to cool down!  We are excited for the opportunity to coach a class again and look forward to seeing you tomorrow for some fun lifting. 

On Wednesday it will be time for a lifting day. The three rep max push jerk is back! You will get five working sets to either hold at a percentage or add weight as you go along. For this strength day you will want to keep track of your individual lifts and your total volume lifted.

For those in the open gym and on zoom Please come in prepared with a plan for your lifting day and ready to spend an hour on your push jerk. If you are joining on zoom also be prepared with something you feel comfortable lifting overhead. It can be a backpack, barbell, dumbbells or an odd object.

Thought of the day

I have been telling the early morning open gyms how I retired from working out a few weeks ago. Now mind you that retirement lasted all of two hours and was more of a mental reset than anything else. Since then training has gone well and I can tell how excited everyone was to see me back in action.

Sometimes you may feel like you need a retirement of your own but after your mini retirement just get some movement in because a year from now you will be glad you did. Remember there will be times in training that it feels like all is going right and times when it feels like all is going wrong. This is the nature of the beast and if you want to make progress that happen on the bad days not just the good ones. We can always modify and scale as long as you have the internal motivation to keep moving forward. We look forward to seeing you on zoom and in the open gyms.




QOD:  What animal makes the best pet?

Warm up

2 rnds

os push ups

Inch worm no push up

Frog jumps

Handstand hold


Push jerk


Push Jerk


3-5 minutes rest between sets

Cool down

Wrist stretch

Egg rolls

Hip cross over

Pull over

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