A new twist in the Push Press today at CrossFit Empower on Dunbar Street in Vancouver.
See video here

An unusual rep scheme of 1-10-1-20-1-30.  It’s a pattern we will soon see repeated with the back squat and deadlift.  To excel it required strength, muscular endurance and some really good gaming!

Rookie lifters or those nursing injury kept their totals below 200# including Go, Benevolent, JenX & Outlaw
Membership in the 200# club included Sam I Am and newcomers Mongoose, Manners & Nathalie
At over 300# we saw Shine, Aquagirl & Shades
IMG_4112 IMG_4137IMG_4136
At over 400# we had Yeti, Crusher, FeProf, G-Money & Suave
From there things got heavy as we had our 500#ers Doc Disc, Bruiser, Hard Rock, Still Waters, Haiku & Terminator
And then we entered the realm of the big men at over 600# Brawn & Road Warrior
The monster category of over 700# membership:3 BFG, Super Mario & Big Cat
And at the end of the day, all on his lonesome in the superstar category: Sandman with over 800#
Great lifting everyone!