On Tuesday you get to do a fun one. You will work for thirty seconds and have a thirty second break between movements. Alternating between max push press and max push ups your score will equal total reps.  We strongly encourage you to have something to write, or type on to keep count.

If it is possible try and find a moderate weight and challenge yourself on the push ups. We did one similar to this a while back with dumbbell push press and dumbbell deficit push ups. For those fire breathers out there this version may offer a good challenge. We look forward to seeing you tomorrow.

Thought of the day

“Someone asked me, if I was stranded on a desert island what book would I bring …. ‘How to build a boat.’” – Steven Wright

Fitness starts generally as an individual pursuit but can later become about more than just yourself.  One of my favourite things we ever did as a community was helping build a play ground for a school and I hope if covid ever wraps up we can get together as a gym community and continue to help the community at large.

For our coaches, coaching and helping you with a sustainable fitness practice is a big way for us to give back. To empower you to find your power is a real gift.

Your fitness can inspire those around you and can be an asset to those you care about most. It’s not only a life raft for you but an opportunity for you to help those in the community build a raft of their own. What is something you would like to do to improve the greater community?



QOD: If you were stranded on a desert island what book would you bring?

Warm up

6 Minutes

10 Shoulder pass throughs

5 Inch worms

5 os push ups

10 scapula rocks


Push Press

Push Ups


10 rnds  (30 sec each)

Push press


Push up


Score= total reps

Cool down

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