A solid challenge ahead of us in Tuesday’s workout of Double Pyramid Helen.  Note, it will also be the Athletics workout at 6:15 pm.

Double Pyramid Helen

For time:
Run 1,200 meters
63 kettlebell swings
36 pull-ups
Run 800 meters
42 kettlebell swings
24 pull-ups
Run 400 meters
21 kettlebell swings
12 pull-ups

♀ 16-kg KB ♂ 24-kg KB

Interesting WOD observations.

This workout was done at the 2010 CrossFit Games with athletes having 90 seconds after completing it to knock out a 1 rep max ground to overhead.

The descending rep scheme also has the numbers reversed i.e. 63 kbs = 36 pull-up 42 kbs = 24 pull-ups.  ? significance.

You’ll be building strength, stamina and endurance with this workout.  You may feel like quitting.  I had a moment.  You won’t though and stronger than yesterday you shall become!

It’ll be a good one.

Warm Up:

Let’s get into it quickly.   7 mins on repeat

10 full body rocks into:

50 skips/10 scapular push-ups/15 sit-ups (increase speed as you go)/20 Russian KBS

WOD Modifications:

Run equal distance row/bike/erg or 75/50/25 burpees or 60/40/20 get-ups


reduced reps

ring rows

banded pull-ups

Inverted bar rows

Dumbbell rows from plank position (1 pull up rep = 2 rows left and right side)

Odd object row

Kettlebell Swing

dumbbell Swing (hold on tight!)

Odd object ground to overhead

Cool Down

Kettle bell ankle stretch :30 a side


Shoulder pull overs

Rock to child’s pose x 10

60 sec prone breathing