I love the pyramid scheme.  At least when it comes to lifting.  Today’s CrossFit WOD was Overhead Squat 10-5-3-1-1-1-3-5-10.  That means that we saw 10 rep maxes, 5 rep maxes, 3 rep maxes and one rep maxes galore today on Dunbar Street!
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We are not even a week into February and already our Personal Best board is filling up.  Spending a full hour on the overhead squat also allowed for some good progress in everyone’s technique.  So many members have made such great progress in this lift it is very satisfying to watch!
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Thunder, Yeti, Super Mario, Dangers, Shine, Doc Disc were among the many to bust through old records.  Springs set a gym record with a 2-handed 20kg Kettlebell Overhead Squat!
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