QOD:  What is your goal for this workout and how did it pan out?

Tuesday WOD
Warm Up:
5 Lion’s Yawns (OS)
then: 12 mins amrap but for quality here.
60 sec PVC Waiter’s Hold
21 exaggerated cross-crawls
21 track starters
200 meter exaggerated fast walk – swing arms and legs like a speed walker
21 get ups

Push Press (ribs down, weight in heels, dip and press)
Ring Row, maintain rigid plank, rings to pits

3 rounds
200 m run
7 dumbbell push press #40/70
14 ring rows

Run:  75 mountain climbers, 20 burpees, 250 m row/bike or alternative minute cardio effort
Ring rows:  14 push-ups (double reps if can go easily unbroken x 14), towel rows, bent over rows.  Want clean form, make them hard, 2 sets of 7 clean rows work!
Push press: no overhead = db cleans, russian kbs

If light dumbbells only increase reps to at least 14.  WOD stimulus is a heavy unbroken challenge.
8-12 min time domain for wod,  tailor accordingly

Ab Finisher:
30 Dead bugs and :60 L side plank
30 Dead bugs and :60  Center plank
30 Dead bugs and : 60 R side plank

Cool Down:
:30 e/s dragon/pigeon/lying hamstring stretch
20 shoulder pull-overs
2 mins prone breathing
:60 child’s pose