On Thursday you get a chance to attempt one of the quarter final workouts. Let us be clear, you will do one or the other not both. And we will hold fast to the time caps listed for the workouts. When I came in, for workout one, I thought about going past the ten minute time cap but quickly realized doing so would rob me of an opportunity to test my current capacity.

Corey talked about appropriate dose in a recent blog and the time cap on these workouts will help you get an appropriate dose for you. Also the added bonus is you will get the privilege to race against the clock just like (insert action hero here).  These next few workouts are some tough ones. Let’s see how much you can get done in the time allotted.

Thought of the day

Would you rather be fit or look fit? I don’t know why it has been popping into my head recently, but I remember a story of a newlywed couple on a kayaking trip. The husband was built like a Greek statue, yet was being out paddled by all the hundred pound women. I remember the guide shouting “what are those muscles just for show?” His wife was quick to say “yes, he is a model.” This stuck with me as I never wanted to be that guy (just wanted his abs).

One thing that I am grateful for about CrossFit is that we get to be celebrated for what we can do rather than just for how we look. We look forward to seeing you on zoom and in the open gym to take down one of these two workouts.




QOD: What physical skill are you most proud of?

Warm up

3 rnds (1 minute each)

Scales ( L, R, alternating)

Plank ( L,M,R)

Inch worm (no push up, push up, pike push up)


Your workout movements


2021 Quarterfinals event 1 (10 minute time cap)

3 rounds

10 strict HSPU

10 DB HPC 35/50

50 DU

1 minute rest

3 rounds

10 Kipping HSPU

10 DB Shoulder to overhead (STOH) 35/50

50 DU



CF Quarter Finals Event 2  ( 20 Min time cap)

60 ghd sit ups

6 rope climbs

60 pistols

50 ghd sit ups

5 rope climbs

50 pistols

40 ghd sit ups

4 rope climbs

40 pistols

30 ghd sit ups

3 rope climbs

30 pistols


Cool down

Calf drops

Couch stretch

Shoulder pass throughs

Arm circles