Running.  It’s something you can do with or without a gym and it doesn’t require you to get close to anyone.  Love it or hate it, it’s the perfect plague workout.

Monday’s workout is a repeat WOD the 1600-1200-800-400m Run.

Warm Up
Part 1

20 reverse lunges with a twist
20 leg swings each leg
50m walking knee hug & jog back
50m walking quad stretch & jog back
50m walking shin pull & jog back

Part 2 ABC’s
50m High Kness & jog back
50m Reaching with front leg & jog back
50m Butt Kickers & jog Back

1600m Run (4 laps of track)
3 min Rest
1200m Run (3 laps)
2 min rest
800m Run (2 laps)
1 min rest
400m Run (1 lap)

Cool Down
calf stretch
quad stretch
hamstring stretch
glute stretch

Our group classes will be doing this one at a track.  Empower veterans can probably guess where we’ll be doing this one but we’ll email registrants the confirmed location after 7pm tonight so register now.  We’ll be running rain or shine, dress for the elements.  If you register, don’t leave your coach hanging!

Of course you can do this one at home.  If you cannot run but have a rower or a bike (rowers available for home use from our equipment lending library 7:15am tomorrow morning) you can program your workout for a comparable time domain (roughly 8 mins, 6 mins, 4 mins, 2 mins).  For me the rowing equivalent is 2000m, 1500m, 1000m, 500m.

What if you can’t run and don’t have any cardio equipment?  No problem, we have you covered with this nasty but effective option:

Farmer’s Carry
Rest 3 mins
Rest 2 mins
Rest 1 min

Use dumbbells, kettlebells, shopping bags, or those blue liquid filled jugs CrossFit HQ keeps using in their at-home workouts.  Log your total time as your score.  Record your split times for each round in your notes along with the weight you used.

Don’t have a track to measure distances?  An average city block is approximately 100m.  That’s also the average distance between telephone poles.  Don’t let the lack of precise measurements stop you from getting fit!