While most of us have spent the week worrying about how we’re going to get our barbell fix, one of our dear friends has been battling much more serious issues.

As some of you already know, last Friday evening, Thunder suffered a brain aneurysm at home and was rushed to the hospital where she received emergency surgery.  It sounds as though the surgery went well and she is now recovering in hospital.  The worst is past but her recovery will take some time and she is likely to be in hospital for the rest of November if not longer.

Thunder is responding to commands and stimulus which is very good news. It is too early to tell what a full recovery will look like but as strong as she is mentally and physically we have high hopes of seeing her return to action eventually!

Lightning is open to people reaching out to him if you are so inclined.  Your thoughts, prayers and well wishes are welcome but visits are not possible at this time.

What you can do to help:

Lightning and the girls are managing the best they can under the circumstances but they are going to need some support from our community:

One of Thunder’s Paramedic colleagues set up a GoFundMe Page to help raise funds for the family.  Because Thunder is considered ‘part time’ with BC Ambulance, she does not have short or long term disability coverage.  Considering a full recovery could take many months, their family will need some help.

As I’ve wrestled this week with local government and the shifting goal posts required to keep our gym doors open, Thunder’s much more serious struggle has allowed me to retain some perspective on what is really most important: Your family, friends and loved ones.  And your health.  Always your health!

A week locked out of the gym is frustrating but there really are people facing much more serious challenges in their lives and in this instance we have an opportunity to help.

Friday WOD
Equipment: skipping rope and pull up/dip stations if available, PVC pipe, broomstick or belt

Warm Up
1 min Shoulder Pass Throughs
1 min Single Unders
1 min Single Unders
1 min Table Pose
1 min Judo Push Up Rocks
1 min Single Unders
1 min Calf Raises
1 min Single Unders

Muscle Ups or Alternatives
Pull Ups + Dips and Alternatives
Double unders or Alternatives

15 Muscle Ups
150 Double Unders
12 Muscle Ups
120 Double Unders
9 Muscle Ups
90 Double Unders

Muscle Up Box Alternative

Muscle Up Band Alternative

Pull Up Alternatives

Dip Alternatives or push ups

DU Penguin Clap or Jump to or over a Target

Cool Down
Calf stretch
Shoulder Series