May 10 2015 Mother’s Day

Slept in until 6:30am (-2 pts) then I worked frantically to catch up on work backlog.  Technical difficulties made this frustrating and time-consuming.

Chicken burger & cucumber salad=0pts
Berries & coconut milk=0pts
Unsweetened cranberry juice=2pts

Breakfast #2 As before, minus juice = 0pts

10am I was finally through a portion of work.  We headed out to pick up my Mom.  With no particular plan we headed to Cate’s park to hang out on the beach and chat (sunshine -2pts)

Went to Whitespot for lunch
Salmon Caesar and some of my Mom’s leftover fries
Restaurant Food (+1 pt), Caesar dressing dairy+soy+preservative+sweetener (+4 pts) = 5pts
Fries (+1 pt) in vegetable oil (+1 pt) in restaurant (+1 pt) = 3 pts
Sat outside my Mom’s apartment for an hour trying to fix her internet.  No success.  Sunshine (-2pts)

A rest day for me so not very active.  But very hungry.  That Whitespot did not fill me at all.  For dinner we met my brother & his family in New Westminster had dinner at casino.

Bacon: sweetener, preservatives, flavours, restaurant (4pts)
Coleslaw: restaurant + sweetener (+2pts)

Steak & potatoes
Potato (+1 pt), gravy: thickener, sweetener, preservative (+3 pts)
Mom’s leftover fries (+1 pt) in vegetable oil (+1 pt) in restaurant (+1 pt) = 3 pts
Drove my Mom home then headed home ourselves.  A lovely, relaxing family day.  Still Hungry.

Berries & coconut milk: 0pts

I was very sleepy!  In bed and out by 9pm.

Daily Totals:
Sleep (-2)
Sunshine (-4)
Activity (0)
Food (+22)
Balance +16 points

Scary how fast restaurant foods add up and I didn’t even have desert or drinks!