May 21 2015

Slept in until 7:30am getting that coveted 8 hours sleep (-2pts).

Did some work before walking Kaelin to school (-2pts).  Another glorious Vancouver morning!

Went straight from Kaelin’s school to the nearest track.  Avoided a long trip up Dunbar but in exchange got an inferior track that looked designed by someone who hates runners and wants to see every person fleet of foot crippled for life.  Covered with big asphalt stones that looked gruesome for any runner never mind a barefoot runner.

A discussion with Doc Bones & Fast Trak seemed to confirm my suspicion that the pain in my right foot these past couple months may be plantar fasciitis.  Recommended treatment: stop running.  As if.  Hate it though I do, running is as functional a movement as a deadlift.  I will run anyhow.  And monitor my foot arch since collapsing arches is usually blamed.

CrossFit HeroWOD Capoot
100 Push Ups
800m Run
75 Push Ups
1200m Run
50 Push Ups
1600m Run
25 Push Ups
2000m Run

That’s right 250 push ups plus 5.6km of running.  And did I mention the grueling heat and sun beating down?  A WOD as challenging mentally as physically.  Starting off with 100 push ups is tough.  Though the sets get shorter, that run keeps getting longer.

I noticed that the arch of my right foot stayed strong, it was my left foot that got flat-footed with fatigue.  It is like driving with one tire flat.  Could that be resulting in my right bearing more load?  Maybe my right foot is in pain not because it is too weak but because it is working harder to compensate for the left.

In the 1600m run I paid for my collapsed left arch when I stepped flat-footed on one of those stones.  It bruised me so deeply it left a crease in the bottom of my foot and a big swollen bruise which is still painful 24 hours later.  Made my remaining running so much more pleasurable.  I was done at 48:18 (-2pts) and then the walk home.

Laundry and work on the laptop then took some rest time in the afternoon.

Picked up Kaelin from school (-2pts).  Ran into Sunghee at IGA and all got home together.  We watched some Brooklyn Nine-Nine & Daredevil on Netflix then Kaelin did homework.  I cooked salmon.

Finally we went for a family walk in Pacific Spirit Park (-2pts).

An early bedtime.  Slept quickly.

Chicken burger & cucumber salad (0pts), berries & coconut milk (0pts), Prunes (+2 pts), cranberry juice (+2pts)

Chicken burger & cucumber salad (0pts), Berries & coconut milk with banana (+1pt)

Lunch #2
Chicken burger & kangaroo with coleslaw (0pts), Berries & coconut milk with banana (+1pt)
Grapes & watermelon

Salmon with olive oil & balsamic (0pts), berries & coconut milk (0pts)

Daily Totals
Sleep: -2
Walk: -4
Sun: -6
WOD: -2
Food: +6

Balance: 0