May 23 2015

Slept in until 6:40am waking minutes before my alarm (-2pts).  Though I had a good sleep I was uncharacteristically groggy.  Have a feeling it is a response to the drop in barometric pressure.  Every time the weather swings from sunny to rainy I get like this.

After breakfast I walked up Dunbar in a haze (-2pts).  I was so out of it I did not even flinch when I was attacked by a leashed dog outside of Stong’s.  Didn’t break my stride or even raise my heart rate, just kept walking.  The owner was traumatized but I felt nothing.

By the time I reached CrossFit I was sufficiently awake to coach the group classes and host our first Town Hall meeting.  So grateful to everyone who made time to come out and contribute.  Many great ideas.  Afterwards Sunghee, The Touch & I were both excited & inspired.

My WOD was the deadlift pyramid


Today I did not do sumo deadlifts but regular deadlifts so I started out easy at 135-185-225-265-285-315-245-225.  I also used a standard, not an alternating, grip.  Found I failed my first attempt at 315# as I couldn’t hold the bar.  Has my grip become so weak?  Also had a struggle with the last few reps of 10 at 225#.  But no problem with my back.  So that is good.  (-1pt)

After an intro I coached the 2pm class.  Light Vancouver rain ended just in time for my walk home (-2pts).

Sunghee, Kaelin & I went out to Spanish Banks to enjoy the last of the sun (-1pt).  Returned home stopping at IGA to pick up treats for Sunghee & Kaelin.  With a rest day tomorrow I was in the mood for treats as well so treated myself to a cheese omelette and some cashews.  Wished I was in the mood for some serious crap but my groggy self today just not craving sweets of any kind.

Watched some Daredevil on Netflix, the wrap up for the day’s CrossFit Regionals then read the play-by-play of tonight’s UFC.  Then to bed.  Though groggy all day I was not particularly sleepy.  A long while before I finally slept.

Chicken burger & coleslaw (0pts), berries & coconut milk (0pts), cranberry juice (+2pts)

Chicken burger & coleslaw (0pts), berries & coconut milk (0pts), banana (+1pt)

Lunch #2
Chicken burger & coleslaw (0pts), berries & coconut milk (0pts)

Dinner #1
Kangaroo jerky (0pts), Berries & coconut milk with chia seeds & dried fruit (+1pt)

Dinner #2
Egg & cheese omelette (+2pt), Berries & coconut milk with chia seeds & dried fruit (+1pt), apple & cashews (0pts)
Daily Total

Sleep: -2
Sun: -3
Walk: -2
WOD: -1
Food: +7
Balance: 0