May 22 2015

Woke to 4:15am alarm.  Slept well but not quite enough to call it 8 hours (0pts).

After breakfast walked to work (-1pt).  A more overcast Vancouver day so not as hot, quite comfortable actually.

CrossFit Group Classes had a make up day that was well-attended and well-utilized.  Fast Trak worked om gymnastics skills doing sets of 5 unassisted pull ups, learning to kip her handstand push up AND getting her first unassisted ring dip.  She is on a mission to fill up the May Personal Best Board all on her own.

But she has some competition…

Shades returned to us this week with her first, long awaited, unassisted pull ups.  Certainly a noteworthy accomplishment and a great way to start the week.  So how did she finish off the week?  By doing Jackie RX’d including all 30 pull ups unassisted!  Shades you are amazing!

My CrossFit WOD gave me a chance to work on my butterfly kip.

1 min Pull Ups
1 min Calorie Row
1 min Pull Ups
2 min Calorie Row
1 min Pull Ups
3 min Calorie Row
1 min Pull Ups

I averaged almost 15 pull ups per minute starting out with 26 in round 1 then holding about 12 reps per minute for a total of 59 pull ups.  On the row I managed 94 for a total score of 153 (-1pt).

A busy and productive day.  In the afternoon I squeezed in some time to work on strengths.  Yes I practiced weaknesses like pistols and more pull ups but mostly I worked on shoulder strength (-2pts).  Why?

It is important to work on weaknesses to round out my game but what really hurts is getting beat at the things I am good at.  At this year’s Open a few of my competitors edged me out by just a couple reps at things like HSPU which I am good at,  unacceptable.  The stuff I like and am good at I want to dominate.

It was a long coaching day with Team Savage finishing up at 8pm.  I was exhausted.  A busy and productive week.

Walked home along Dunbar enjoying the last of the daylight (-2pts)

Salmon, olive oil & balsamic with coleslaw (0pts), berries & coconut milk (0pts, cranberry juice (+2pts)

Breakfast #2
salmon with olive oil & balsamic with coleslaw (0pts), berries & coconut milk (0pts)

Post WOD
Coconut water (+1pt) & banana (+1pt)

Salmon & coleslaw (0pts), berries & coconut milk (0pts)

Chicken burger & coleslaw (0pts), berries & coconut milk (0pts)

Dinner #1
Kangaroo & cucumber salad (0pts), Berries & coconut milk (0pts)

Dinner #2
Kangaroo (0pts), Berries & coconut milk (0pts), Apple (0pts)

Daily Total

Sleep: 0
Sun: -1
Walk: -2
WODs: -3
Food: +4

Balance: 0