May 11 2015

Today much more like a typical day for me.  Woke to 4:15am alarm.  30 minutes shy of an 8 hour sleep.  If I had perhaps awakened before the alarm I might have given myself a good sleep credit but truth is I was still sleepy (0pts).

After breakfast I walked up Dunbar to work (-1 pt).

Coached the morning classes then Big Boss and finally my WOD: CrossFit 2015 Regionals Event #5

1 rep max Snatch

I really wanted 205# for a personal best.  This time did fewer lifts with longer rests and my back felt better.  No nerve sensations.  Probably less core fatigue.  165# was easy.  175# was easy though I missed 2 attempts.  185# was solid.  Jumped to 195#.  An easier pull than I remember, had no trouble getting the bar overhead.  But I just could not land it!  I felt so close to getting it that I kept trying.  8 attempts in all.  By that time fatigue was setting in.  Time to concede defeat and walk away healthy for another day.  Maybe I should have tried 190# first.  Anyhow strength didn’t seem the limiting factor, it was skill.  Need more practice.  1 hour = -2pts

A busy day as Mondays often are.  A lot to catch up on after the weekend.  In the afternoon I did an hour of eccentric holds.  Body tired from this morning’s exertions so I kept the load light, the volume low and just focused on mobility.  Barbell yoga if you will.  Helped me loosen up. 1 hour = -2pts

A full night of coaching with 3 group classes and fundamentals.

Special gave me a lift home.  I was starving and exhausted.  Ate, then to bed, whole body aching from those snatches.  Sleepy but body ache kept me up for awhile.

Thanks Brawn for the jerky!  Will eat it tomorrow.

Breakfast #1
Chicken & coleslaw (0pts), berries & coconut milk (0pts), cranberry juice (+2pts)

Breakfast #2
Chicken burger & coleslaw (0pts), berries & coconut milk (0pts)

Yak steak, chicken & cucumber salad (0pts), berries & coconut milk (0pts)
Lunch #2
Salmon & coleslaw (0pts), berries & coconut milk (0pts)
Dinner #1
Chicken burger & coleslaw (0pts), berries & coconut milk (0pts)

Dinner #2
Salmon & coleslaw (0pts), berries & coconut milk (0pts)

Day Totals
Food +2
Sleep 0
Sun 0
WODs -4

Balance: -2