May 30 2015

Well here it is, the 21st & final day of our real food challenge and I am set for a day of proper gorging. A rest day from work (my 2nd in a row!) and from CrossFit.

Woke at 6am (0pts) and headed straight out to do laundry then get work done on my laptop.  Worked to 8:30a, ignoring my hunger.  Then ran to IGA for some groceries & made us all breakfast which we ate with a side of Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

Breakfast: +6pts
Eggs (opts), cheese (+2pts), Lentil chips (+3pts), Quinoa flakes (+1pt), butter & coconut milk (0pts)

Not satisfied we drove out to Lemonade gluten free bakery where I ate a peach & raspberry crostata (+3pts) AND a raspberry passion fruit tart (+3pts).

From there we stopped at Distance Runners on Main Street to replace Kaelin’s old shoes.  The owner is great, knew what we needed in no time at all and picked out a pair of 0 drop INOV8’s that fit Kaelin perfectly and suited his taste.  Meanwhile I tested out his True Form Runner that was very popular with local Regionals athletes prepping for this weekend’s competition.  Great piece of equipment but takes up a lot of space and is very expensive!

Returned to Dunbar neighbourhood stopping at IGA & Chinese market for supplies before returning home.

Grapes (0pts)

Kaelin did homework, I did work & Sunghee prepped for our family picnic.  I also had a brief nap.

Took Kaelin to tutoring.  Sunghee & I shopped to restock women’s washroom.  But we also sat enjoying the sunny Vancouver day on a bench in the shade in Tisdall Park as we used to do as newlyweds (-1pt).

Picked up Kaelin then headed to Spanish Banks where we met Sunghee’s family.  Found a good spot in the shade to spread out our food.  Found I was very hungry having forgotten to eat lunch.

Ate 2 massive helpings of chicken, kimchee, guacamole (0pts) & potatoes (+2pts) plus one delicious gluten 7 sugar-free cookie that her sister baked (+2pts).

Practiced handstand walking & play fought with Kaelin (-1pt) for much of the three sunny hours (-6pts).

Returned home tiredly for a double helping of ice cream (+6pts) in 2 nights we three polished off an entire large tub!
Also watermelon (0pts)
Then to bed at 9pm.  Tomorrow clean eating again.  Funny, even trying to eat badly at home seems to rack up less points than trying to eat clean at restaurants.  So after 21 days my grand total is +85 points.  An interesting exercise in food & activity tracking.  I’m looking forward to applying what I have learned and participating in the next challenge to be announced soon!

Daily Total
Sleep: 0
Sun: -7
Walk/WOD: -1
Food: +22
Balance: +14