May 12 2015

Slept in to 6:30am a full 8 hours (-2 pts).

My plan today: do nothing.  Well, I wasn’t as successful at nothing as I had hoped.

Of course there was laundry.  I knew that already.  And during laundry I could get done posting yesterday’s pictures, creating yesterday’s blog post & video, replying to urgent emails, program upcoming WODs…

Or I could have done except that I was missing the head of the power adapter that plugs into my laptop.  Of course my laptop is old and the battery died a year and a half ago so without the power plugged in I could do nothing.

Except eat breakfast.
Salmon & Coleslaw (0pts), Berries & coconut milk (0pts), cranberry juice (+2pts)


Between laundry loads drove up Dunbar to CrossFit and found my missing piece on the couch.  Headed home to get work done.

Walked Kaelin to school (-1pt).  Another sunny Vancouver morning (-1pt).

Sunghee & I spent some time together before she headed to set for the day.

On my own I finished up work by noon.

Lunch: Sunghee had made me some special treats.
Steak & salsa (0pts), Bacon (+2pts sweetener & preservatives), Coconut pudding (+1pt banana), Berries & coconut milk (0pts)

Now I had 2 hours for myself.  I watched Fox Catcher online.

Lunch #2
Chicken burger & coleslaw (0pts), Bacon (+2pts), Coconut pudding (+1pt)

And enjoyed some of Brawn’s special brand of home made jerky (+1pt sweetener?)

Walked out to pick up Kaelin (-1pt). Hot & Sunny (-1pt).

Back home we watched Game of Thrones.  Then I saw the 60 minutes interview of Greg Glassman.  I started watching Grizzly Man on Netflix.  Fascinating & gruesome.

Chicken sausage (0pts), bacon (+2pts), berries & coconut milk (0pts)

Sunghee returned from set.  When Kaelin finished his homework we watched Daredevil.

Coconut, banana & berry smoothie (+1pt)

I didn’t quite accomplish the nothing I had planned (who knew it would be so hard) but I did manage to relax and take it easy for the latter half of the day and even got some time with my family.  Also ate really well so that is a win!

In bed by 9pm and tired out from doing so little.

Points Total
Sleep: -2
Sun: -2
Walk: -2
Food: +12

Balance: +6