May 14 2015

Slept in until 6:30am.  8 hours (-2 pts).

Threw in laundry load.  Wanted to get work done but it took my laptop 1 hour to install updates:(

Walked Kaelin to school in sunshine (-2 pts) which was better than the torrential downpour that hit Vancouver early this morning.  Hit the bank and grocery store on the way home.

Back at the computer I encountered a super-slow internet connection so it took forever to upload photos & video:(

When my video was finally up Youtube muted it on account of one of the 2 tracks I used.  But which one?  Went in edited video.  Uploaded again.  And guessed wrong.  It was the other track. Took down the video, edited once more and went through the very slow upload process once again. What a waste of a morning.

Sunghee and I drove to Spanish Banks and walked and talked (-2 pts).

Returned home to continue work.  Sunghee pocked up Kaelin.  I was very tired from doing so much nothing that I fell asleep and had an uncharacteristic 20-minute nap.  When I woke up Kaelin & I watched Daredevil.  I was inexplicably tired so tried to go to bed early at 8pm but sleep didn’t happen for me until a few hours later.

Chicken burger & cucumber salad (0pts), Berries & coconut milk (0pts), coconut berry smoothie with banana (+2 pts), cranberry juice (+2 pts)


Chicken burger, onion & mushrooms (0pts), Berries & coconut milk (0pts)
Kangaroo curry (0pts), berries & coconut milk (0pts), papadam (+1 pt)
Kangaroo & veggies (0pts), Berries & coconut milk (0pts)

Daily Total
Sleep: -2
Sun: -2
Walk: -2
Food: +5

Balance: 0