May 15 2015

Woke to alarm, from short sleep (0pts), breakfast and walk into work (-1pt)

Coached group classes through CrossFit Regionals Event #6.

But the challenge for me today was facing Regionals Event #7

15 Muscle Ups
1 Squat Clean @205#
1 Squat Clean @225#
1 Squat Clean @245#
1 Squat Clean @255#
1 Squat Clean @265#

My previous clean max is 260# but if I can finish this WOD RX’d I’ll have done all 7 Regionals events RX’d.  I was nervous!  Last night I tried visualizing it but couldn’t.  I was so scared of hurting my back.  On the morning walk I felt nerve pinching in my left foot but that’s not my symptomatic foot and I did or ate nothing yesterday that would cause such.

In the warm up I missed my first attempt at 205#

Set timer but not even worried about time cap, just about taking my time and doing it safely.  Muscle Ups went well.

205#  No problem.  225# No problem.  245# No problem.  But now I took a 4 minute break to set my core for the next lift.  255# I almost missed it.  My worst lift but I made it with a stagger step forward.  Now feeling tired.  Rested 5 minutes but really not yet recovered.  Mentally not feeling strong or confident at all.  Not visualizing success.

265#  Stepped up to the bar. My pull felt weak and I was sure I did not have time enough to get under it but to my surprise I found myself in the squat bar in a perfect rack position.  I was caught off guard but was perfectly balanced, spine straight in a mechanically strong position, no risk of dumping the bar.  All I needed to do was stand it up.  And I did.  My best lift of the day, my new personal best and my 7th Regionals Event completed RX’d!!!

I was choked up with joy and it didn’t matter to me that it took me almost 20 minutes to complete.  Healthy, happy back!  Big personal victory over fear:)  (-2pts)

Sunghee picked me up after the noon class. We gave Fast Trak a lift down Dunbar then went to pick Kaelin up from his school’s sports day.

Returned home to do his last packing and eat then we departed early for Horseshoe Bay for his cadets training weekend.  Missed the worst of traffic and arrived early so we ate at Troll’s and took a walk enjoying the sunny West Vancouver weather (-2pts).

After dropping Kaelin off we went for a drive and walked around Wycliff Park (-2pts) then drove home where we ate again and watched a movie.

So surprisingly tired that I was asleep before Sunghee made it to bed.

Breakfast #1
Chicken burger (0pts), Berries & coconut milk (0pts), cranberry juice (+2pts)

Breakfast #2
Kangaroo curry (0pts), Berries & coconut milk (0pts)

Post WOD
Banana (+1 pt), Coconut Water (+1 pt)

Lunch #1
Kangaroo curry (0pts), Berries & coconut milk (0pts)

Lunch #2
Chicken burger & cucumber salad (0pts), Berries & coconut milk (0pts)

Dinner #1 Troll’s
Gluten free Wrap (chicken, Bacon, Guacamole) (+3 pts), French Fries (+ 3pts)

Dinner #2
Kangaroo, veggies & cucumber salad (0pts), berries & coconut milk (0pts)

Daily Totals:
Sleep: 0
Sun: -2
Walking: -3
WOD: -2
Food: +10

Balance: +3