We may have been the only Vancouver gym that had to add classes for the Canada Day holiday and they were almost all full too!

It was noted that it’s already been a pretty tough week with HeroWOD Loredo on Monday and the back squat-rope climb WOD Wednesday.

So it’s a good thing Thursday is a make up day.  Use it wisely.  Recover.  Friday we face a 10K.  Don’t you dare miss it!

Thursday Make Up Day Options

Skill & Mobility work or:

500m Row
30 body weight Bench press
1000m Row
20 bench press
2000m Row
10 bench press

6 rnds
24 squats
24 push ups
24 lunges
400m run

Power snatch
Snatch balance
Squat snatch

21 back squats
7 rope climbs
15 back squats
5 rope climbs
9 back squats
3 rope climbs