Register today! 
The CanWest Games Qualifier opened for registration 6 days ago.  They are claiming space is limited.

Who should do this? 
Empower members with 12+ months CrossFit experience who are healthy and injury free.

If you have muscle ups and are 40-49 years old or if you are 50+ and can RX C2B pull ups and most barbell work, you should consider the Masters individual qualifier January 24-30th.

Otherwise you should consider scaled or intermediate teams Feb 7-13th.

Like the CrossFit Open, the qualifiers will be performed at CrossFit Empower.  There will be 5 workouts in total and you will submit videos online.  You can use make up day classes and Open Gym times to get these done.

For Empower athletes who qualify the CanWest Games will be held at UBC June 5-7th.

Last year Mr. Fantastic, Motor, Colossus, Sandman, Silk, WOD Father & Super Mario all qualified as individual masters athletes.  Sprite, The Nuke, Gymkata, Tamahock, Boomer & HeeHee qualified for scaled teams.  We all had a blast!

Currently we have Silk, D-Knee, Motor, Hard Rock, HeeHee & WOD Father registered to compete for spots as individual masters competitors and Shades and Sprite are each looking to put together scaled teams.   Let them know if you’d like to join them.

This year, with the Games hosted in our own backyard, it would be wonderful to have a big team of athletes representing Empower and an even bigger team of CanWest volunteers and cheerleaders!  Get more information here.

Here’s the registration link.  Register today!