Thanks for all the feedback regarding class registration.  We hope that now that we can customize registration policy by class time, we can make it a smoother process for everyone.  The majority of classes report satisfaction with the current 2-hour cancellation window so that will remain unchanged.  The exceptions are weekdays at 5 and 6am and weekends at 8am.  For these classes a larger cancellation window was preferred.  Some suggested as much as 12-hours but the majority of members were comfortable with an 8-hour cancellation window for these classes.  This will go into effect Monday September 28th.

Regarding penalties for missed classes, there were a few interesting suggestions, my favourite being Big Cat’s suggestion of a 1-mile topless run.  Entertaining as that sounds, most members in all time zones agreed that the current 50 burpee penalty or a $20 pay out options were appropriate with stiffer penalties to be considered for repeat offenders.  As Iron Dam points out, 50 burpees is good for you, a cash pay out is good for the gym.

We really appreciate how well everyone has cooperated to share the limited gym space in a safe manner.  Many couples have given up individual spots in the gym and teamed up to share a station so that other members could attend class.  Thank you so much for your flexibility and for putting the good of the community ahead of yourself.  Ubuntu!

Saturday October 24th we will be closing the gym and hosting workouts outdoors in order to reconfigure the pull up rig to help maximize attendance.  The new set up will open up more stations and allow a few more attendees per class while maintaining safe social distancing.  We will continue to try to adapt to serve you better!

Monday WOD
For Monday we can accommodate all runners.  There is no class cap since we will be out of doors for the 5K run.  We will warm up out of doors as well so that there is space for all.

Warm Up
Runner’s ABC’s

5K Run

Cool Down
Calf Stretch
Quad Stretch
Dragon/Pigeon Pose