June 21 2015
Slept in until 7am then threw in laundry & worked on blog.  Sunghee cooked a delicious breakfast for us.  A low key morning.  No CrossFit today, just resting.

Around noon we drove up Dunbar delivering Kaelin to his swimming lessons at Lord Byng.  Sunghee & I enjoyed a lovely walk & chat enjoying the sunny Vancouver weather.

From there we dropped in on my mom & wandered the Dragon Boat festival recalling our old Dragon Boat days.

Headed home for a short respite.  Watched the documentary Fat Head on Youtube.  A worthwhile view.

Then we drove to Spanish Banks to meet Special, Makmama, The Touch, Makenna &  Special’s friends.  A lovely BBQ picnic as Special prepares for her departure.

By the time we got home it was bed time but after sleeping in and with no WOD I was wide awake and not at all sleepy.  Tossed & turned a long time.

kangaroo steak with onions, bacon, coleslaw & sweet potato fries, berries & coconut milk, cranberry juice
chicken, berries & coconut milk, apple

Sausages & guacamole, “paleo dessert (coconut cream, berries & nuts)