Do you remember the last time you started something new?

Do you remember how scary it was?  How uncertain you felt?  Do you remember the challenge of learning a whole new set of skills?  The frustration?  Do you remember how it felt to watch much more experienced people perform with ease the skills that you were struggling to acquire?

Every September Dunbar Street has an influx of new CrossFitters and we as coaches get to see the CrossFit world anew through their eyes.  For some, with athletic backgrounds, it comes easy.  For most it does not.  Vancouver is a diverse city and our new members come from diverse backgrounds.  And with every new influx we see you, our veteran members from a fresh perspective.
We remember when you first came to CrossFit.  We remember the intimidation you felt, the struggles you had and the frustrations that you were forced to overcome.  And look at you now!

Remember when MakMama couldn’t squat?  Remember when Motor worried whether she was fit enough for Group Classes?  Remember when Steel expected that CrossFit would incapacitate her and interrupt her RMT work?  Remember when Springs suspected we would break him as another CrossFit had?  Remember when PomPom couldn’t jump on a box?  Remember when Adventure used to deadlift PVC pipe and couldn’t do a sit up?  Remember when Mellow could barely do a push up?  When Big Boss had never done a pull up?  When Music Man overhead squatted with a 15# bar?  When I used to beat The Touch in EVERY WOD?  When I used to shoulder press more than Brick?

I remember all of that and more!

That is what is most amazing to me.  To compare who you are now to who you were then.  You may not be conscious of it because the changes happened over time with day-after-day of consistent effort.  First it was a 15# bar, then 25#, then 35#, now it is 65#!  It felt like you were crawling but looking at our newcomers struggling with the 6# pink-capped bar your 65# looks like a Herculean feat!

Day-to-day you compare yourself with the veteran CrossFitters who are all developing alongside you.  In monthly snapshots the Personal Best Board tells your tale but it isn’t until you are juxtaposed with the raw newcomers that your phenomenal gains become evident.
You have been looking ahead at the athletes you want to become in the future.  But when you see our new members struggle through the challenges set before them you are looking backwards in time, down the trail that you have traveled and suddenly you can see how far you have already come.

I love the influx of new CrossFitters because of how they highlight the progress of our veterans.  Give them time.  They will eventually achieve as you have achieved.  Some will get there slowly (Mellow and me), some will get there fast (Magnum and Sandman) but by then you will be on a different level.  To realize their athletic development they will have to look back on those who follow after:)