2020 has tested us a bit and the good news is you’ve come through everything this crazy year could throw at you – so far.  Maybe the worst is behind us, maybe not.  That’s the thing about life – you just never know.  So what’s the key to building the resilience needed to get you successfully through life’s challenging times?

  1. Sh!t Happens
    Bad things happen to good people.  Not just you but also you.  Suffering is a part of life.  For us all.  Resiliency is recognizing you are not alone in facing adversity even though in that moment you feel very, very alone.
  2. Selective Attention
    Turn your attention and energy to the things you can change.  Learn to accept the things that you cannot.  Zen, Stoicism and the serenity prayer all teach this.
  3. Helpful Actions
    Learn to take control by discriminating between helpful and harmful thoughts and actions.

    Just the other day Mufasa and I were discussing the power of a gratitude journal (strategy #2).  I have kept one since 2015.  Without fail for over 5 years the first thing I do each morning is fill a page in my gratitude journal.  It takes 5 minutes or less but has completely transformed my world helping me overcome anxiety and get through very challenging times.  I keep it simple.  I’m grateful for the basics: a good home, a good meal, a good sleep, my health, getting the workout done, a smile, living in a great neighbourhood, a book to read, time spent with the people I love…

    When you focus on the basics there is so much to be grateful for!  And it’s addictive.  It feels so good to start each day with gratitude that I don’t want to do anything until I’ve had a moment to reflect on how good the world has been to me – even on the bad days.  Because bad days still happen but now instead of clinging to the upsetting crap, I’m scrounging through the trash of a disappointing day for the few bright moments I can record in tomorrow’s gratitude journal.  I go to sleep with these in my mind and wake to these pleasant thoughts to start my next day.  And so my life is transformed for the better by one quick, simple habit.  Bad sh!t still happens.  Life isn’t easy or pain free, but I get to choose what I want to focus on.

    And speaking of hardship…

    Tuesday HeroWOD Jerry
    Warm up
    10 calf raises
    15/15 hip swings
    1 min hollow hold
    Dynamic warm up for 10 mins
    (Mix is running drills: high knees, butt kicks, side sliding, forward, backwards skips, marching, etc and animal walks  bear crawl, leopard crawl and frog jumps)

    Review run route/ farmers carry route
    Prepare rower or sdhp station

    1 mile run
    2000m row
    1 mile run


    For those unable to run we will do a 400m farmers carry for the mile runs or 90 burpees
    For the row we can sub 200 SDHP or a bike (5 km echo, 3 km airdyne)

    Cool down
    Calf drops
    Down ward dog
    Dragon pose
    Pigeon pose
    Child pose