July 26 2015

At CrossFit Empower we are one of the few CrossFit affiliates that actually follows CrossFit Head Quarters programming.  Why?  Because we believe that it is the safest, most effective programming out there!

So why isn’t everyone following it?  Well, there are several good reasons for not following HQ programming that range from feasibility to commercial appeal and one of those reasons are rest days.

CrossFit programming follows the very effective 3-days on, 1-day off pattern that has gotten us our best results.  But as a commercial CrossFit gym we cannot just close our doors on rest days.  So instead we use them as make up days.  An opportunity for members who have missed WODs from previous days to come in and get caught up.  Alternatively, some members will use these days for mobility or skill work and to shore up weaknesses.

Recovery is an important component to fitness training.  Training days are the stimulus.  Days off are when the adaptations occur.  You need them.  Use them.

So since we have no WOD today I am posting a video with some highlights from previous WODs so you can see some of our athletes in action.

Looks fun, doesn’t it?

Want to give it a try?  Come drop by and say hi.  We are on Dunbar Street in Vancouver.  We look forward to your visit!