This Thursday we will be taking on an Open WOD from earlier this year. I know we all enjoyed this one very much!  I also know that we had many personal bests with Toes 2 Bars. With our additional practice these past few months, many will be able to take this workout on with ease!  Though this was an Open WOD it is advised by dot com to make it on the easier side and try to get all the way through to the cleans. Things to think about before tackling this workout.

Youth Program Update

Varsity is going strong and will continue on Monday and Wednesdays from 4-5pm this January (no class Jan 1).  We currently have 1 spot available for Varsity (ages 13-17).

Junior Varsity will be making an adjustment to the schedule. JV’s will now run 4-5pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays instead of a 3:45pm start time. Changes will begin on January 2. We currently have 2 spots available for JV’s.  (ages 8-12)

Homeschool PE is full and looking to expand to an additional day. If you know of any homeschoolers or kids following an alternative education path, let me know, we are hoping to expand this offering!

New Programs on the Horizon

Coming in February! This February we will be introducing two new programs for members and non-members.

Parent/Child Fitness – This program is an expansion on the original Mother/Daughter from last year. We are being all inclusive and inviting both mom and/or dad’s to come join in a weekly session. Any combination of parent and child can occur. For example Dad can bring all the kids, giving Mom an hour off! Or Mom and son can come. More details, dates and registration will be coming soon!

Dryland Training – Do you have athletes that needs dryland training? Whether they are coming off the ice, out of the pool or indoors from the rain, a specifically designed strength and conditioning program for those athletes is now available at Empower. Large or small groups are welcome.
Contact Coach Barb at: [email protected].

Barbell Clinic – We have had a request for the return of barbell club. We are planning to offer a 6 week clinic in February/March. More details, dates and registration will be coming soon!

The mobility clinic will start the second week of January on Tuesday January 9 at 7pm. We still have spots open if you are interested in getting mobilized and building strength around your hips and shoulders. Register now at Mobilize Me!

Thursday’s Workout

Workout: 14 Min AMRAP
60 Calorie Row
50 T2B
40 Wall Balls (14/20)
30 Cleans (95/135)
20 Ring Muscle Ups