We are currently still in the approval process with the Vancouver Health Authority to get the green light on resuming regular CrossFit Group Classes but meanwhile we will be opening the gym back up to members for Open Gym access.  Zoom classes will continue to be coached as per the regular schedule, we ask that members accessing the gym during scheduled Zoom classes do so in silence so as not to disturb the Zoom coaching session.

Gyms in the Vancouver Coastal Health region are being told to step up our safety procedures by order of Dr. Bonnie Henry.  Whether or not you personally believe in the importance of these COVID-19 prevention measures, the survival of our business is very much dependent upon our ability to implement them successfully so we ask your cooperation in this regard.  Please understand that the failure to abide by these safety measures will result in the loss of your gym access privileges though Zoom access will always be available.

Please review our COVID 2.0 Safety video for details.  To access the gym you will also need to print out, initial and sign our updated COVID-19 safety waiver.  This is your ticket to class and must be presented to the coach upon arrival.  Please do not email this.

Here are some of the changes you will need to be familiar with:

1) Our class sizes have been further reduced to 7 attendees.  Wait listers will not be given access but can Zoom with us from home.  When we complete the rig reconfiguration next month we will be able to safely increase this to 9, please bear with us for a few weeks more!  Meanwhile I recommend members who share a time zone exchange contact information and work out a system by which you can take turns getting gym access so that no one is prevented from attending.

2) We will be ending the session 10 minutes early in order to spray out the washroom and spray down the stations before the next group arrives.  We ask you to have your belongings together and be ready to depart the gym at 10 minutes before the hour.  Please take all your belongings with you.  Please do not linger to chat and please clear the entryway for incoming members.

3) If the gym is occupied, please wait outside at the designated markers 6 feet apart from other members until the gym is unoccupied and the coach has had the opportunity to spray down the washroom and stations.  The coach will come out and ask you about symptom screening before inviting you inside.  It may be cold and rainy, please dress appropriately.

4) Please do not congregate outside the gym when arriving or departing.  According to the Local Health Authority the few gym transmissions they have documented in the Vancouver Coastal Health region occurred outside the gym before or after class when members got together to talk.

5) Please wear your mask and sanitize your hands when entering the gym.  Proceed directly to your station.  Your station will be supplied with equipment, once you are there we ask that you do not leave your station.  Keep all your belongings at your station.  Clean the area and the equipment you plan to use.  Not every station will have everything you want, it may not be perfect and some improvisation may be necessary.  You may not share equipment or take equipment from another station.  If there is unused equipment that you need to access please ask the coach to deliver it to you.

6) You do not need to wear your mask while at your station but please face the walls or windows while working out.  If you must use the washroom please travel along the green carpet maintaining distance from other stations and wear your mask while in transit.  Please do not stop along the way to chat with other members.

7) If you or anyone in your household has any COVID-like symptoms we ask that you refrain from attending in the gym (Zoom is still fine).  In this case there will be no penalty for late cancellation but we will ask you to wait until you are 14 days symptom free or have tested negative for COVID-19 before returning to the gym.

Equipment Return
Please bring all your borrowed equipment with you when you attend your in-gym session, deliver it to your station, have a coach check it off and leave it there for the coaches to sort out later.  Please do not deliver your equipment before class, after class or between classes.  If you have not yet accessed the gym, please keep your equipment until you come to workout or until we contact you.  If you arrive at the gym without your borrowed equipment you will have no equipment to use for the WOD.

Couples & Families
Station #2 is set up for 2-3 members to WOD together as Shine, Doc Disc and Ricochet recently did with benchmark WOD Cindy.  If you are working out at the same time as a household member we ask that only one of you registers and that you share a station like station #2 so that more members might have access.

Monday WOD
Coaches will be leading the Zoom classes through HeroWOD Larry.  There will be no group classes in the gym but if you decide to do HeroWOD Larry at your station, you may ask the coach on duty for help or guidance.

Equipment: Barbell, kettlebell(s), dumbbells, heavy backpack, big rock or small log.

Warm Up
4 min AMRAP
10 Goblet Squats
20 Mountain Climbers

Front Squat – pick the heaviest weight that you can complete unbroken
Burpee – space dependent, burpee over your object or regular burpee or reverse burpee
Sandbag carry – you can use any heavy object, if space is limited do a 400 step carry

HeroWOD Larry
Front Squats
Bar-Facing Burpees
200m Sandbag Carry

Cool Down
Dragon Pose
Pigeon Pose
Downward Dog
Child’s Pose