Form follows function.  Move like you’re old and you will be.  Physiology responds to the demands imposed.

The mitochondria in your cells which govern cellular metabolism are stimulated by explosive movements like sprinting and jumping.

When 40 year olds wander into CrossFit Empower they often remark, “This training might be okay for younger guys like you but I’m in my 40’s.”  They are surprised when I tell them I’m 47.  I know I don’t look it.  And I certainly don’t move like it.  This is true for my wife as well who turns 52 this month.

Obviously I’ve adopted CrossFit because I believe it is the best methodology for maximizing health and fitness.  When I discovered it at age 33 I immediately recognized it as the fountain of youth.  But you do not have to do CrossFit to start turning back the years.

If you’re a yoga enthusiast who prefers body weight exercises, try some explosive gymnastics movements like jumping, dive rolls, kipping pull ups or muscle ups, kip-ups, cart wheels, round offs, front flips and back flips.  Get a good coach and use the proper safety equipment and stay safe while you revitalize your body and your life.

Prefer running?  Once a week do some sprints.  50m, 100m, 200m.  Any distance that you can really turn on the accelerator and go all out.  If you can breathe while running, you aren’t yet sprinting.  Make sure you warm up thoroughly!

More into weight lifting?  If you’re a power lifter or body builder mix in some Olympic Lifts once a week.  Some snatches and clean and jerks will do the trick or try heavy throws (shot put, hammer, discus, caber, etc).  Make sure to get some coaching.

Once you’ve added some explosive work to your weekly training, remember to have fun with it.  Training should not be a chore.  If you approach training as play you’ll feel like a kid again and the years will drop away.

That’s why at Empower we try to engage our members in fun competitions.  We’re not a competitive gym but it is so fun preparing for and participating in CrossFit events that it keeps us all excited for our daily training.  And that excitement coupled with activity keeps us young!